Self Pleasure Graduates

Self Pleasure Graduates


This workshop is for women who have worked with me (or done other deep $exuality work) and want to deepen their practice of embodiment.

When women come together and weave their eros magic happens.

We shift what no longer serves us.

We let go of doing and surrender to being.

We create bonds that can't be broken.

We surpass shame and stagnation that holds us back.

If you feel called to join this ever expanding circle of women who know and feel the depths of embodiment at their core join us for an evening of exploration.

This ritual consists of:
- Freeing the voice
- Grounded movement
- Breathwork
- Opening the body through Self Touch
- Energy work with your sisters (if desired and accurate for you)


The ritual commences at 6:45pm on Tuesday 18th June
The Expansion Mansion
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Love and Pleasure


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