Open Relating Temple: The Closing Ceremony

Open Relating Temple: The Closing Ceremony


It's the end of the era, an entire year of meeting once a fortnight and following the ups and downs of human existence in community.

It's been such an honour to host you all and witness your personal growth and transformation through this period.

I'm sure there will be some sadness in these meetings coming to an end, we sure have cried, laughed and danced hard this year together and I want to share that these moments will be cherished in my heart forever.

The closing of this period has come for many reasons. The first being that we have ended our lease at the beloved Expansion Mansion and secondly I am bringing my laser focus to a Practitioner Training I will be launching, whilst Danny will be holding a mens sacred $exuality circle weekly for the remaining month of the lease.

In the year that I have held Open Relating Night you may have noticed that I never spoke to $exuality in the space. My vision for the open relating message was purely on communication and not $ex.


To draw this event to the end I would love for Danny and I to draw together the worlds of sacred $exuality, communication, and community.

I'll do this with a temple of sacred sexuality. The evening will have a similar vibe to Open Relating.

6:45pm - Meeting in the space

7pm - Opening Ritual

7:15pm - Discussion on RBDSM and how $exuality can serve the community

7:30pm - Partnered discussions

7:45pm - Boundaries and Embodiment

8pm - Consent exercises

8:15pm - Opportunity to play, dance, cuddle or enjoy sensual experiences with others.

10pm - Closing Ritual

** The space will be kept open for people to enjoy or sleep in if they desire**

Donation of $57 per person

All welcomed (even if you've never attended an Open Relating Evening)

Dresscode: Soft, Sensual, Comfortable

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