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New Paradigm Intimacy

Awaken the aliveness within

Welcome to The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy, an advanced immersion into business and coaching certification for sex and relating.

There has never been a better time to follow your dreams and make a difference in the world by just being you.

The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy helps women step through past conditioning and into the role of a lifetime. Qualifying them to not only help others but also create cultural change on our planet.

Hi, I’m Victoria Redbard.

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I was 17 when it first entered my mind that I wanted to be some sort of sex coach, helping and inspiring people to access more of who they wanted to be. At the time I didn’t know what that meant, it wasn’t a job as far as I knew, so I let it pass. 

Fast forward 8 years, I’d just got out of an abusive relationship and was lost. I strapped my backpack on and travelled Central and South America with the desire to find my souls calling.

After a few tantra trainings and an epic Ayahausca journey that I synchronistically won through a Facebook advert, I came home to myself. Returning to Australia, I was shocked at how quickly everything fell into place. I learnt how to be the transmission of change, people were over the moon with what they were achieving…and they still are.

I spent the next few years tracking down the pioneers of tantra, studying with long standing institutes and seeking mentorship from the leaders who brought tantra and sacred sexuality to the mainstream. This lead me to finding my own pathway to embodiment through the realms of Self Pleasure. My group workshops got bigger and my one on one work got more frequent as I began to collect research in this pathway of transformation that had given me and my clients more power, freedom, money and love than we’d ever known.


With the research I had gathered I saw my modality come to life. A pathway of self actualisation, embodiment that not only helped men and women discover more pleasure, bliss and happiness but had them open up their lives to transform in other areas.

  • Financial Freedom

  • Relating Bliss

  • Connection to self

  • Orgasmic Sex

  • Overall aliveness

This New Paradigm is meant for everyone. It is returning us to our deepest inner knowing. A wisdom of connection we have somehow forgotten. A way of living that prioritises love, freedom and happiness and encourages the conversations of how this can come to fruition.

With a variety of maps, theories, somatic practices and the principles of tantra this modality birthed into the world. With my local community on the Gold Coast Australia experiencing it first hand, I saw people of all ages come together and work through the conditioning of their past to create a new way of having sisterhood, brotherhood, romantic connections and tribe. This new way brought abundance, aliveness, joy, connection, the ability to go to the depths of the darkness together and rise stronger. This is how community builds society, and a cultural shift occurs. When a cultural shift occurs we see a world where rape, molestation and boundaries being overstepped is no longer a common occurrence. We see a world where sexual energy comes out of the shadows and into consciousness. We see a world where both men and women are not encouraged by the media to be ‘sexy’ they are encouraged to be ‘embodied’.


My mission is to see men and women step into their bodies and out of their heads. Through my research it is clear that our ability to stay in our bodies through our emotion and thought processes allows us to thrive in life. Sexual violation and shame are two major factors to why people leave their bodies and go into fight, flight, freeze or befriend. When we are in this space we are not connected to our essence and therefore can not have our boundaries or feel empowered to live a life of aliveness. When sexual energy is no longer taboo we can normalise the affects it may have on our behaviour and this awareness can save lives, families and marriages from ending. This modality is the first step to seeing sexual health plans becoming as common as mental health plans. The industry of sex & relating coaching is growing rapidly and is in need of more educated, qualified coaches to create the safety needed for everyone to feel free.

The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy invites you to come home to your body and experience the endless love that was here all along.

Love & Pleasure

Victoria Redbard


The 3 Month Self Pleasure Graduate Programme

What will you be able to do with this certification?

As a Self Pleasure graduate you’ll be trained to understand how sexual energy works in the human body. Utilising practices over processes with yourself and clients to see rapid change in awareness and ability to navigate lives struggles.

New Paradigm Intimacy offers a wealth of somatic practices to guide clients through sexual dysfunction, sexual healing and pleasure expansion.

You’ll confidently be able to address the psychosocial-sexual issues both men and women suffer from such as loss of libido, numbness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm and disconnection from their partner.

This programme gives you the ability to work with men and women individually as well as couples. Coaching can take place in person or online. The modules will include marketing strategies for sharing your work with the world.

What is the Self Pleasure Graduate Programme?


This programme is a personal journey and philosophy that not only offers skills to work with clients but also offers a deep comprehensive guide into understanding your own sexual energy and life blocks.

Within 12 modules we will share:

  • Weekly video content

  • Sensual Meditations

  • Weekly Self Practices

  • Case Studies

  • Maps and theory

  • Embodiment journeys through self touch

  • Weekly Zoom calls for emotional support and questions

  • Practices to work on with clients

  • Affiliation membership to Yoni Pleasure Palace 4

Detailed Syllabus

Week One - Relating to Love

  • Healing the heart

  • Reconnecting the heart with the sex

  • Opening from pain and violation

  • Awareness of habitual sexual behaviour

  • Empathy and emitting your own frequency

  • Wild Love as a principle

Week Two - Pleasure Anatomy

  • Understanding anatomy

  • Awaken from numbness

  • Sensuality as a stress relief

  • Breast Massage

  • Understanding what blocks orgasm

  • Understanding what induces orgasm

Week Three - Psychosocial Sexual Issues

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Reconnection in relating

  • Relating to the inner child

  • Map of erotic innocence

Week Four - Therapeutic Presence

  • Active Vs Reactive

  • Non bias space holding

  • Holding space

  • Clear philosophy

  • Presenting reality Vs Actual reality

  • Creating a journey

Week Five - Practice over Process

  • Mindset

  • Accountability

  • Commitment to congruency

  • Self worth

Week Six - Preparing the Nervous System for Pleasure

  • De-armouring

  • Tutorial on Using Crystal and Glass Wands

  • Use of Kundalini in Self Pleasure

  • Understanding how stress presents in both men and women

Week 7 - Relationship Reset

  • Connection to self

  • Boundaries and Consent: verbal vs energetic

  • Communicating Desires

  • Understanding Desires

  • Personal Vs Transpersonal Relating

  • Self Responsibility

  • Jealousy

  • Sexual Fears

Week 8 - Sexual Healing

  • Trauma Release Exercises

  • Sexual abuse

  • Rape and Molestation

  • Pain, Burning, Numbness

  • Repatterning

  • STDS

Week 9 - Sexual Dysfunction

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Struggle to Orgasm

  • Struggle to Ejaculate

  • Sex Addiction

  • Porn Addiction

Week 10 - Pleasure Expansion

  • Sex Magick

  • Opening the body through the power centres

  • Energetics of Orgasm

  • Pathways to Orgasm

  • Ejacualtion Control for men

  • Life Force Energy Week 11 - Business and Structure

  • Marketing skills

  • Strategy

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Magnetising Clients

Week 12 - Cultural Change

  • Using sexual energy in every area of your life

  • Innocence of Eros

  • Navigating sexual exploration for the younger generation

  • Creating Impact with your personal story