Sex Magick Intensive for Couples


Private Sex Magick Intensive For Couples

Sex Magick is about creating that inner and outer union. Complete coherence between the microcosm and macrocosm. When your mind, body and spirit are in alignment, you’re going to start to see that change in your outer world and in your relationship.

If we want to create something in our outer world then what better energy to use, than our most potent life force energy. Our eros. If we want to build the relationship and life we desire together. Let’s start with our sex. On a biological level this is what draws two people together to start with.

Our emotional state is what holds us tied to the past and not aligned with the truth of our heart. When we move into union with ourselves or a partner, we start to transcend our emotions. After all, emotions are just energy in motion.

Sex is always about emotions. Good Sex is about free emotions; bad Sex is about blocked emotions.’ - Deepak Chopra

Most of what happens when we’re moving our emotional bodies is unconscious. I see a lot of couples holding their breath, tensing their bodies, and not making a sound. Restricting their energy flow. Holding on to all their emotions. Shutting down any potential to align with the future they want to create together.

Sex Magick is about lighting up the body.
Connecting your Sex centre (sacral),
with your Power centre (solar plexus),
igniting your Heart (the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body)
and aligning it to your Vision (the third eye). 

This Self Pleasuring Couples Programme will:

  • Ignite your sexuality

  • Heal past issues

  • Clear emotional blocks

  • Manage triggers

  • Reduce stress

  • Open you to deeper partnership

  • Improve communication

  • Educate you on tantric practices

  • Have you feel more embodied

  • Upgrade your sex Life

It consists of Four private Online Sessions and takes you and your partner through everything you need to know about incorporating Sex Magick into your lives. This course embraces a blend of spiral emotional clearing tools, sexological bodywork, tantric practices, taoist breath activations and embodiment practices to move beyond the mind.

This course is for couples to learn tantra together in the privacy of their own home. It would also be ideal for couples who are doing long distant relating and looking to improve their intimacy.

Investment: Usually $1499 Reduced to $995 for a short time only
This course includes:
- Four Online Private Sessions with me where we will clear emotional blocks and explore tantric practices


Further information: If either of you are struggling with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, disconnected sex, stress, non existent or weak orgasms, past violations or sexual trauma, or you’re just looking for more fun and wisdom. This is for you.