Welcome to the Self Pleasure Movement

Right now so many people are shutting down their emotions and locking all of their sexual energy into their pelvis by holding their breathe and taking themselves to orgasm so quickly that they are actually missing out on the extent of the pleasure our bodies can provide us.

The Self Pleasure practice I teach takes people into intense orgasmic states whilst transcending their emotions. This acts as a healing whilst preparing the nervous system to experience more intense bliss states in all areas of their lives.

To experience mind blowing pleasure we have to be in touch with all of our emotions. It is very common for people to shut down uncomfortable emotions and numb out their body so they only gain pleasure from friction based touch. 

When we learn to Self Pleasure and allow our emotions to be present the sexual energy is no longer blocked which means we are able to feel a lot more sensation in the body.

This practice transforms the way we relate to ourselves and our relationships. Once we are no longer afraid and overwhelmed by the uncomfortable emotions inside of us such as anxiety, anger, and sadness we are able to live in autonomous relationships that allow us to feel free, loved and open to grow.

Check out my online programme or attend one of my Self Pleasure Circles to experience more bliss in your body and have the relationships you always desired.

Victoria Smith is a tantric witch. She runs women's masturbation circles to bring about sexual healing and disarmouring. In this episode of The Intimate Lifestyle, she talks about how she transitioned from being a party girl, to a Yogi, to dealing with "toxic" femininity and facilitating sexual healing and growth workshops.