Sex Magick Course Payment Plan

Sex Magick Course Payment Plan

94.75 every week for 4 weeks

The ignited woman is a woman of sorcery, she holds a channel of eros through her body and allows it to open up her power centres to manifest what she wants in the world. She understands that Sex Magick is not for the faint hearted. It's a razor blade edge between intention and surrender. The conditions of the body must remain in the energy of creation.

To do this we will journey the four power centres in our body and clear the emotional blocks that stand in the way of us fully embodying the potent ignited women we truly are.

Week 1: Sex Centre - The sacral. Location of the womb. This area represents our sense of belonging, creativity, ideas, and pleasure. When the womb in activated it actions ideas with ease and grace and calls in partners that enhance our ability to connect to the elevated emotions that are needed to help us manifest our wildest dreams.

Week 2: Power Centre - The solar plexus. This centre represents our connection to our will. When we will our ideas into existence we must allow our power to magnetise all that we need to us and let that become our way of being, rather than force or control external circumstances to provide the outcome we look for. Much like orgasms, they only arise when we create the perfect conditions with breath, sound and movement. We can not force them to occur.

Week 3: Heart centre - The opening. This centre represents love and order. The heart is fuelled by desire and blocked by grief. When our heart is ignited we can surrender to all that is. Allowing us to transcend all emotional states and fully let go of attachment. It is the energies of trust, gratitude and acceptance that create an opening for magick to transpire.

Week 4: Vision Centre - The third eye. The centre of divinity, mercy and perception. When our erotic channel is alive our vision is clear. And the erotic energy can align with the picture of our destiny that we wish to create. At this final stage we learn to connect the orgasmic state with our intentions and prepare for orgasmic launch.

To fully open our power centres to sex magick we must strengthen our nervous systems and make changes on a cellular level to be able to hold the magick and orgasmic bliss needed. We do this by clearing blocks using the emotional clearing processes of spiral and using ancient tantric practices.

Join me every Tuesday for 4 weeks to dive into these sensual practices and open your world to more magick.

Course starts Tuesday 30th April at 6:45pm

Investment $410

Early bird price Ends 11th April $379

Payment plans available on request. (send me a facebook message or email at to apply)