Online Coaching

Online Coaching


I work with Pleasure Expansion, Sexual Trauma and Sexual Dysfunction. All the sessions we do together are tailored to give you the experience you need.

We will begin by having a short discussion on your journey with sex and relationships to discover what your intentions are and then work with some of the following:

- Sexual rediscovery after trauma

- Shadow Integration

- Dynamic meditations to reconnect with your sexual self

- Breathing techniques to increase pleasure and stimulate the senses.

- Effective communication techniques throughout the body.

- Erotic Energy Cultivation 

- Erogenous Zone Massage

- Sexual Self Mastery

- Breaking away from habits

- Mindful touch

- Resilient touch massage

- Deep connection meditation

- Vulva mapping

- Pleasure mapping

- Discovering your core erotic theme

- Self Pleasure Witnessing

Join me and learn to break away from what you thought you knew about sexuality. Take a journey into deep long lasting arousal. Allow your body to open and receive with ease.  

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