Vaginismus - Spasms or contractions in the vagina that makes placing anything in the vagina painful or impossible.

There are two types of Vaginismus

Primary: Where a women has never been able to enjoy pain free sex

Secondary: Where trauma or surgery has stopped a women from experiencing pain free sex

90% of vaginismus has psychological causes such as:

- Traumatic sex in the past
- Sexual abuse
- Poor communication in relationships
- Fear of pregnancy
- Fear of upsetting the partner

10% of vaginismus has physical causes such as:

- Infections
- Difficult birthing of babies
- Physical sexual abuse such as rape
- Vaginal dryness due to imbalance or menopause
- Pelvic pain from trauma or previous surgery

Vaginismus affects roughly 1 in 1000 women but a lot of women are living with this issue without knowing what it is.

Treatment of this issue has a very high success rate.

The treatment plans that I use to help women with this issue are:

- Understanding ones sexual anatomy 
- Meditation to open and relax
- Couples boundaries and readiness exercises
- Pelvic release exercises

Depending on the intention of the client is whether the partner needs to be involved in the exercises. 

If you have been suffering with any of the above symptoms and want to discuss what plan might work for you please contact me at or 0468561436 to enquire about your 15 minute free consultation via Zoom.

Victoria Smith